Ik ben een enorme fan van de techniek Focusing. Alles kan ik hierin terugvinden (therapie, non dualiteit, transpersoonlijke psychologie, lichaamswerk, filosofie, etc.) Dit is weer een mooie text vanuit dat vakgebied wat weer raakt aan mijn taalgebruik van “Volg je hoogste impuls”. Voor en na ontwaking is er die oneindige impuls om te leven. De beste manier om deze te volgen is via de felt-sense. Dat vage gevoel in het lichaam waar het heden, verleden en toekomst in besloten ligt. Met en zonder taal. Het lichaam is voortdurend een geheel met het universum en weet hoe het zich goed kan voelen en wat de volgende stap is.

“It took me a long time to affirm that the ongoing bodily experiencing has its own inherent life-forwarding implying. The little steps that arise at the edge are creative, imaginative, and always in some positive direction.” – Gendlin (2003, Beyond postmodernism: From concepts through experiencing)

Living forward is an experience of vital energy that is present in the human body, in nature, in the universe.

Noticing subtle movements in the body, paying attention to what nature mirrors about life processes, looking at painful or even rejected and dark parts of life as possible resources for new discoveries … all these experiences can contribute to our connecting with living forward energy.

While the unfolding of a felt sense and awareness of living forward energy are sometimes intrinsically interwoven, it is particularly important to see them as different processes, each with its own dynamic. Making contact with living forward can be used as a helping process, distinguished from a felt sense process.

Trusting the flow that can develop from opening up to living forward often leads to a new perspective, a profound switch in our ability to cope with difficult situations, sometimes in an unexpected transformation, or our receiving some inspiration from unknown resources. text Mia Leijsen.

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